Blockchain for Construction Industry

Decentralized delivery note system for the construction industry

We are building a secure Digital Solution for your delivery notes

We provide the IT system for all delivery note types, which supports your delivery note processes digitally from start to finish in the best possible way. We digitize delivery note documents, make them audit-proof, increase your process efficiency and enable simple integrations into your existing IT systems. What’s more, data sovereignty remains within your company and you alone decide which data you share with which partner company.

In short, the digitization gains of the delivery note process should remain with them and not be siphoned off by large corporations or digital platform companies.

A Complex and Inefficient Process

How our Solution Differs

Other centralized Solutions

The existing digital stand-alone solutions for handling delivery processes are of only very limited help to the entire construction and supply industry, as they are hardly applicable for cross-company processes. In most approaches the companies offering the solutions act as “broker of bulk materials”, promise broad application, but corresponding models have a disadvantage: monopoly formation and the associated shift in revenue from the regional, medium-sized quarries and gravel pits to the new monopolist. These are central platforms that gain sovereignty over data and business transactions and could thus soon determine the rules of the game in the construction industry – with the actual construction and especially the supplier industry coming away empty-handed.

Our DEcentralized Solution

We help Construction Companies to implement a fully digital cross-company delivery note process with their suppliers. Our solution is build upon blockchain technology and comes with a simple connection of all parties involved, enabling the processing of delivery bills from a wide range of suppliers in one system and allows better construction process planning through the exchange of real-time data (e.g. current location of the carrier) between all parties involved in the delivery process. Due to the decentralized approach of our solution, the sovereignty of the own data is always guaranteed for all users and the formation of monopolists with knowledge of the supply relationships is systematically excluded.




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